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A basic template for Nginx and WordPress running on Travis CI's container based infrastructure.

What is the purpose of this repo?

Do you need to run some automated tests that rely on Nginx on Travis CI? Do you want those tests to run on the Docker container-based infrastructure? Are you pulling your hair out trying to get this all to work? Then this repo is for you.

Travis CI does not come with Nginx pre-installed so the install needs to be scripted. Since Travis CI's container-based infrastructure doesn't allow sudo privileges this installation is non-trivial. Hopefully, by providing this repo I can save someone some hassle trying to get Nginx set up for their project.

Installation and Usage

The script is tailored on Travis CI PHP build images and might not work in every situation. Below is an basic example of .travis.yml:

# .travis.yml language: php services: - mysql cache: apt: true directories: - $HOME/.composer/cache/files addons: apt: packages: - nginx hosts: - php: - 7.1 - 7.2 - nightly env: global: - COMPOSER_NO_INTERACTION=1 matrix: - WP_VERSION=nightly - WP_VERSION=latest - WP_VERSION=4.9.3 - WP_VERSION=4.8.5 before_install: # Install helper scripts - composer global require --prefer-dist "typisttech/travis-nginx-wordpress:^1.0.0" - export PATH=$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin:$PATH - tnw-install-nginx - tnw-install-wordpress - tnw-prepare-codeception install: # Build the test suites - cd $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR - composer install -n --prefer-dist - vendor/bin/codecept build -n script: # Run the tests - cd $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR - vendor/bin/codecept run -n --coverage --coverage-xml after_script: - tnw-upload-coverage-to-scrutinizer - tnw-upload-coverage-to-codecov

And, this is an basic example of codeception.dist.yml which compatible with the above Travis settings:

# codeception.dist.yml actor: Tester paths: tests: tests log: tests/_output data: tests/_data helpers: tests/_support settings: bootstrap: _bootstrap.php colors: true memory_limit: 1024M coverage: enabled: true include: - src/my-plugin/* exclude: - src/my-plugin/partials/* params: [env] # get parameters from environment vars modules: config: WPDb: dsn: 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=wordpress' user: 'root' password: '' dump: 'tests/_data/dump.sql' url: '' WPBrowser: url: '' adminUsername: 'admin' adminPassword: 'password' adminPath: '/wp-admin' WordPress: depends: WPDb wpRootFolder: '/tmp/wordpress' adminUsername: 'admin' adminPassword: 'password' WPLoader: wpRootFolder: '/tmp/wordpress' dbName: 'wordpress_int' dbHost: 'localhost' dbUser: 'root' dbPassword: '' tablePrefix: 'int_wp_' domain: '' adminEmail: '[email protected]' WPWebDriver: url: '' port: 4444 window_size: '1024x768' adminUsername: 'admin' adminPassword: 'password' adminPath: '/wp-admin'


The default scripts install WordPress core on /tmp/wordpress and serve it at

You can customize the build via environment variables. Check the variables of the functions in the bin director for available configuration.

How does it works?

All of the setup scripts are located in the bin directory and template files are in the tpl directory. They are short and basic so it should be relatively easy to follow. The repository defines 6 setup scripts:

  1. tnw-install-wordpress
    • Install WordPress
  2. tnw-install-nginx
    • Setup Nginx to serve a website from a folder on a local domain
  3. tnw-prepare-codeception
  4. tnw-upload-coverage-to-codecov
  5. tnw-upload-coverage-to-scrutinizer


The WordPress installation is done through the tnw-install-wordpress bash script. The basic install process goes as follows:

  1. Create the WordPress database.
  2. Download WordPress core.
  3. Generate the wp-config.php file.
    • Note that define( 'AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED', true ); is added.
  4. Install the WordPress database.


The Nginx installation is done through the tnw-install-nginx bash script. The basic install process goes as follows:

  1. Install Nginx using the apt addon via entries in the .travis.yml file.
  2. Copy the configuration templates to a new directory while replacing placeholders with environment variables.
  3. Start php-fpm and Nginx with our custom configuration file instead of the default.


The Codeception preparation is done through the tnw-prepare-codeception bash script. The basic install process goes as follows:

  1. Replace phantomjs path to the TravisCI one in codeception.yml and codeception.dist.yml.
  2. Create an extra database for testing.
  3. Import database dump to WordPress.
  4. Upgrade the WordPress database.
  5. Export the WordPress database dump for later use.

Note: The phantomjs path must be wrapped in single quotes.

    - Codeception\Extension\Phantoman
      path: '/usr/bin/phantomjs'
      port: 4444
      suites: ['acceptance']

The test coverage uploading is done through the tnw-upload-coverage-to-codecov bash script. The basic install process goes as follows:

  1. Run the codecov-bash script.

Scrutinizer CI

The Scrutinizer CI test coverage uploading is done through the tnw-upload-coverage-to-scrutinizer bash script. The basic install process goes as follows:

  1. Download ocular.
  2. Upload the test coverage file to Scrutinizer CI.

Known Issues

  • Nginx gives alert messages during start which is safe to ignore.

    $ install-nginx
    [26-Dec-2046 00:00:00] NOTICE: [pool travis] 'user' directive is ignored when FPM is not running as root
    nginx: [alert] could not open error log file: open() "/var/log/nginx/error.log" failed (13: Permission denied)

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Travis CI Nginx WordPress Test is originally forked from the Travis CI Nginx Test project. Special thanks to its author Todd Burry.


Travis CI Nginx WordPress Test is released under the MIT License.