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Copy files from/to a Vagrant VM with sudo and necessary SSH config


$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-sudo-rsync


# General
## This is equivalent to $ rsync --rsh=<automatically determined> --rsync-path='sudo rsync' [OPTION] SRC DEST
$ vagrant sudo-rsync [OPTION] SRC [DEST]

## Synchronizing from local to remote
$ vagrant sudo-rsync [OPTION] <some_local_file_or_dir> :<somewhere_on_the_vm>

## Synchronizing from remote to local
$ vagrant sudo-rsync [OPTION] :<somewhere_on_the_vm> <some_local_file_or_dir>

# Real life example

## Listing all files under /etc/nginx/ssl on remote
$ vagrant sudo-rsync :/etc/nginx/ssl/
drwx------          4,096 2017/09/12 00:32:17 .
-rw-r--r--            424 2017/09/12 00:30:48 dhparams.pem
-rw-r--r--          1,054 2017/09/12 00:32:17 www.example.cert
-rw-r--r--          1,708 2017/09/12 00:32:17 www.example.key

## Pulling /etc/nginx/ssl from remote to local desktop
$ vagrant sudo-rsync -av --delete --info=NAME :/etc/nginx/ssl ~/Desktop
receiving incremental file list

sent 85 bytes  received 3,469 bytes  7,108.00 bytes/sec
total size is 3,186  speedup is 0.90
  • Prefix remote paths with colon (:)
  • --rsh (or -e) is automatically determined by $ vagrant ssh-config automatically
  • --rsync-path is set to sudo rsync
  • Anything after $ vagrant sudo-rsync is passed to $ rsync
  • Never specific --rsh, -e or --rsync-path

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